Ozone and cellulite

Ozone therapy within a complex treatment of cellulite and figure modeling

Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy or cellulite, is an exclusively female problem and represents a pathological state of fat cells (adipocytes). Among the reasons and risk factors inducing a change of fatty tissue are numbered genetic, family, national features, pubescence period, pregnancy and delivery, hormonal disturbances and intake of contraceptive preparations, age and life way.

According to various sources, 80% to 95% of women are suffering from cellulite. The affected areas are thighs and buttocks, more rarely - back and arms.

The initial stage of cellulites is characterized by microcirculatory disorder, swelling, stagnation of liquid in subcutaneous tissue. So, it comes to edematous form of cellulites that in case of further progression is transformed to fibrosclerotic form.

Fatty tissue fulfills a function of energy depot in the organism. Each fat cell is closely surrounded by capillary network, therefore it is in continuous and close contact with blood. In healthy fatty tissues the adipocytes receive a sufficient quantity of oxygen and nutritious substances, and products of cell activity are removed via cell membrane and taken away by blood flow. A disturbance of this mechanism leads to development of local hypoxia, toxicosis and acidosis and in further to cellulites. In conditions of oxygen deficit in acidic environment it comes to active growth of connective tissue that surrounds fat cells by membrane and forms cellulites small knots (micronodules). Fat cells degenerate, make groups and form in connective tissue thick conglomerates (macronodules) that block circulation and lymphatic flow, it comes to calcination of fat cells. Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy is characterized by development of microangiopathies and disturbances of lymphatic structure manifested as lymphangiectasia and lymph edema. On the initial stage of cellulites a cosmetic effect in skin is manifested in the form of insignificant hilliness, the so-called "orange peel" that in case of further progression is transformed to "grape bunches".

Thus, the main mechanism of cellulites development is microcirculatory disorder that leads to edema, which in turn aggravates hemodynamics closing circulus vitiosus.

Cellulite treatment should be focused:

  • Firstly, on removal of disease reason
  • Secondly, on correction of pathogenetic mechanisms of disease development
  • Thirdly, on liquidation of its appearances and consequences.

All these tasks can be successfully fulfilled by ozone.
It is mostly rational to start cellulites treatment on early stages when it only represents an esthetic problem. In this case ozone can be used as a monotherapy, and it takes a few procedures in the form of subcutaneous ozone injections to achieve a good cosmetic effect. The program of cellulite therapy combines local ozone therapy (subcutaneous ozone injections, massage and wrapping on ozonized olive oil) and systemic ozone therapy (intravenous infusion of ozonated solutions, patent's autoblood) that provides a more noticeable and stable result. The parenteral methods restore hormonal background, protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, quickly remove consequences of stress and chronic tiredness, balance the processes of excitation and inhibition of nervous system, increase oxygen supply of the whole organism.

Treatment variants should be determined individually depending on the stage and form of cellulites, volume of affected surface, age, associated pathology, individual features of the organism (pain sensitivity etc.). The usual course of therapy includes a certain number of sessions (from 10 to 20) with frequency 1-3 times a week. Gas is introduced subcutaneously by means of special microneedles with length of 4 or 13 mm. Positive results of treatment are observed already after 3-5 sessions and well manifested, the patients start to notice lightness in the lower limbs and a decrease in pastosity and edema. On the next stage it comes to reduction or complete disappearance of "orange peel", a decrease in volumes of subcutaneous tissue.
Through ozone therapy it comes to a fast-progressive decrease in fat layers, fatty tissue becomes more thick and compact. Good results can be also achieved in the formation of body contours (non-surgical modeling of figure - non-surgical liposuction): correction of double chin, face oval, forms of breast, thighs and buttocks.

Ozone facilitates fast elimination of fat from stomach, particularly from its lower part, thus helping in diet therapy and general slimming.





Introduction of special injections with ozon pumped through.

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